Science research

Our work is informed by a culture of science and long experience in science research including neutron sources, nuclear fusion, lasers and climate and environmental science

We answer your complex data and computing challenges – leaving you more time to focus on the science

Critical to the operation and capability of a scientific facility is the
ability to take advantage of new instruments that can support more
complex experiments. We deliver the systems and software used to control
these next generation instruments helping our clients put new
scientific capabilities into operation rapidly.

Many new instruments have hundreds of thousands of detectors and
generate a volume of data similar to the Human Genome every day. We
build the software and data analysis tools that enable scientists to
generate and visualise the results of their experiments, a fundamental
step in the overall scientific process.

Opening up data so that the world can benefit from it is a major trend
in publically funded research. We help organisations prepare for the
information challenges and deliver the systems needed to make data
openly available.

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