3 things you need to be aware of when deploying ELNs outside the pharma sector

On face value, deploying an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) system within your R&D environment would seem to be something of a no-brainer. You can make sure all processes and ideas are properly documented and signed. You can also share results with colleagues across the globe in real time and, best of all, search your organization’s entire […]

The tension around R&D applications – DIY or ROI?

In the modern R&D world, who’s responsible for the total cost of ownership and specification of the most effective R&D applications? On one side of the argument, you have R&D departments that have developed their own applications rather than trying to fit something off the shelf. These guys are used to a degree of control, […]

Auditing your R&D applications? Before you decide what to keep or what to kill, you need to consider overall business objectives first

Often our first point of entry with a scientific research organization is when we are asked to come in and do an application audit The reason for action is often about reducing risk of obsolescence, maintaining business continuity and an element of continuous improvement. We typically provide an assessment of the portfolio, provide specialist application […]

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