Analytics spans many dimensions, not just horizontal or vertical

Unfortunately our world still seems to run on black and white thinking.  The infinite varieties of grey are too much for it, when an argument is to be made it appears.  You might have thought that in the world of data and evidence driven decisions things would be different. Absolutism would have no place there, […]

Tractor or farmer: can you automate analytics production?

I’ve just read a blog* that argues, with apparent conviction, that automation is the answer! “The answer to what?” comes the cry.  A very big deal actually – no less than the oft quoted, and very real, shortage of data scientists.  Sounds great. The bad news is, I couldn’t disagree more. In short the argument […]

An intelligent railway, without going all ‘Big Data’

Like others I’ve had to badge my work with the ‘Big Data’ label of late. It has been the only way to get anyone to listen.  This is unfortunate. Data is only interesting when smart use of it drives a change for the better.  This can be notoriously hard to achieve, so it’s little surprise […]

Operation Crossbow – wartime London saved by Big Data

Finding myself amazed and humbled, recently, by a feat of human ingenuity and endurance from World War II was not, in itself, unusual.  After all, I was born only 20 years after the war ended and grew up amongst family deeply affected by the bombing raids that passed over East Anglia on their way to […]

Why Big Data needs to think about material efficiency now

A couple of weeks ago the business media, including the BBC’s excellent Roger Harrabin, was buzzing with ideas about Material Efficiency*, accompanied by the usual dire warnings for our futures.  The basic premise goes like this:  because historically the cost of materials has been significantly cheaper than the cost of labour, it pays to be […]

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