Smarter Clinical Trials

An adaptive trial should be like a driverless car – boring and predictable

On the BBC world service in 2013 there was an account by two technology journalists of going for a ride in the Google “Driverless Car”. They recounted their emotional journey as the Google engineer in the middle of a Californian freeway, in the middle of the day, leant forward and turned on the “driverless” system, […]

How should we test potential treatments for Ebola?

A pressing problem and a very modern dilemma, how should we test potential treatments for Ebola? We know that a double-blind randomised clinical trial (RCT) is the gold standard for generating evidence for, or against, a new drug. In an RCT patients are randomly assigned to either the new treatment or the “control” – a […]

Patient sub-population effects: The regulator’s dilemma

At the DIA/FDA statistics workshop last week, amongst the many and varied interesting presentations, the one that most caught my eye was Dr Armin Koch’s talk on examples of patient sub-populations. (Dr Koch, of the Hannover Medical School, is a member of the Scientific Advice Working Party and Biostatistics Working Party of the European Medicines […]

A maturity model for clinical trial design

Harnessing the Power of Modeling and Simulation Since 2000 there has been growing concern in the pharmaceutical industry over the escalating cost of drug development and lack of a corresponding increase in productivity. One area where attempts are being made to address this problem is in the way that clinical trials are designed and a staged solution seems to be […]

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