Inside The Analytics Lab

We should treat data projects as we do scientific experiments

It is received wisdom amongst many ‘data gurus’ that correlation equals insight. And supporting them in their quest are plenty of analytics platforms to spot these correlations and hidden relationships and additional tools to blend data and identify further relationships. The reality is that most data interrelationships are not that simple. Many correlations are based […]

How open access to artificial intelligence changes everything

Over the past few months Google, Microsoft and Facebook have taken major decisions to make their Artificial Intelligence (AI) API’s openly available to all. IBM have opened their Watson API on a ‘freemium’ basis and Elon Musk launched the OpenAI project with a star-studded list of backers; Palantir CEO Peter Thiel, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman […]

Big data confusion floors my C-Suite alter-ego

My imaginary self has an ambition. I like to picture that I’m a multinational C-Suite executive with a fancy watch and fancier smile. My imaginary exec reads avidly the industry press to ensure that he is right across current thinking and opinion around data analytics. He’s planning a pitch to the board to secure the […]

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