Is Anyone Winning the Big Data Arms Race?

It seems pretty clear by now that Big Data represents another technology arms race – at the last temperature check, it’s getting a lot hotter. To win is simple isn’t it? Gain a competitive edge by being better at exploiting data than the rest. With the explosion in the use of intelligent devices, we are […]

Welcome inside the Analytics Lab

A very warm welcome to my first ever blog. Please come inside the Analytics Lab and make yourself comfortable. Don’t worry about knocking over test tubes or spilling chemicals on your nice clothes. This is very much a virtual lab, designed to bring data and ideas together and to look at how to use them […]

Valuing Valuation in Pharma R&D

By Andrew Chadwick and Tom Parke Trust in early pharmaceutical pipeline product valuation has all but evaporated. And yet views of value are increasingly important to the improvement in effectiveness of R&D that is so sorely needed in the pharmaceuticals sector. Where does this paradox come from and what can be done about it? Why […]

Improving R&D workflows

Workflow automation is an established approach to drive business efficiency and productivity, but formalising and automating workflows in R&D is often more challenging than in other business functions. The innovation and creativity required in R&D means that it can be difficult to capture well defined processes. The emergence of new standards, mature tools and technologies, combined with the […]

Successful change management in R&D

Successful change in R&D starts and ends with people and their goals. Change impacts people Many of our clients, addressing technical or informatics problems, realise that the root causes of difficulties lie with people, process, organisation or culture. Whenever a substantial change is being made to systems or processes, ignoring the people issues is a recipe for failure. Any […]

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