Analytics of R&D Productivity

What data science can learn from office logistics

When I first heard that we needed to upsize from our current base in Stevenage, I imagined that picking out a new office would be somewhat like choosing a new laptop. Most of the work would be upfront, checking through a list of requirements – perhaps location, floor space, parking, cost, to name a few. […]

Buying the analytics platform was the easy bit – now how do I use it?

If we were to believe the hype, peddled both within the media and by technology vendors, turning big data into enormous business benefit is simply a matter of writing a cheque and buying the latest, greatest analytics platform. I spend a lot of my time talking with senior people in industry, particularly with R&D leaders. […]

Taming in vivo data – the last (data) frontier in pharmaceutical research?

Historically, in large pharmaceutical R&D operations, in vivo studies have occupied a slightly awkward position in terms of data management. Data from the earliest stages of research – high throughout experimentation and the like – while not without its own challenges, is relatively straightforward and generally well handled. At the other end of the R&D […]

R&D productivity: Analytics of a new drug

Try Googling “pharmaceutical crisis” and you’ll find a mass of dire statistics that lays bare the scale of the challenge facing Big Pharma. Recent years have seen key players undergo cycles of restructuring and though they can still make good money for now, can things go on as they are? The pressing issue facing pharma is that […]

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