How the cloud is making R&D easier

  Industries underpinned by scientific processes – from pharmaceuticals to oil refining – have seen huge efficiency improvements from the digital revolution. Labour intensive processes once requiring endless experimentation can now largely be done in silico, with much greater efficiency, whilst also opening up new avenues for research beyond the capabilities of manual labour. Sophisticated […]

Can we trust AI to make decisions?

AI is going to make our lives easier by automating repetitive tasks, releasing resources to focus on higher-value tasks and removing the subjectivity from a human judgement call. Yet, sometimes it goes wrong – people are denied visas, wrongly sent bills and stopped at airports all because AI has mistaken them for someone else. Compounding […]

We should treat data projects as we do scientific experiments

It is received wisdom amongst many ‘data gurus’ that correlation equals insight. And supporting them in their quest are plenty of analytics platforms to spot these correlations and hidden relationships and additional tools to blend data and identify further relationships. The reality is that most data interrelationships are not that simple. Many correlations are based […]

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