Workflow: Automating business processes

As businesses evolve, the way that business is conducted changes. Processes that have been fundamental to how organizations operate can suddenly become error-prone, inefficient, or expensive. Our clients have found a need to constantly assess and refine the processes that define their work. This is not always a problem that can be solved by software alone, and Tessella has considerable experience in process specification, design and implementation. Our goals are to:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce our clients’ costs
  • Help target under-utilized resources
  • Reduce administration
  • Help satisfy regulatory requirements

To achieve these goals we utilize our expertise in workflow. Workflow is the automation of a business or laboratory process in which documents, information or tasks are passed from one machine or person to another for action according to a set of procedural rules.

The key drivers for business process automation are improved efficiency and compliance. The former has always been a concern and current IT platforms offer even more benefits. Compliance is an area of ever- increasing importance. Each industry must comply with external agencies such as the FDA who need to examine adherence to operational rules. As time goes by corporate governance regulations such as Sarbanes- Oxley and Basel II will force organizations to invest heavily in proving that their processes are sound. The needs of the compliance make workflow systems essential.

Tessella has helped many clients automate business critical processes with workflow-based systems, using a variety of technologies.

Global Manuscript Tracking System T&FInforma Journals is a major publisher of academic journals with production offices around the world. Although they had already implemented several systems to track manuscripts and issues through the publication process, ranging from simple spreadsheets to complex client-server systems, they recognized a need to consolidate their existing systems into a single global system.

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