Tessella physics prizes

Each year Tessella sponsors prizes within the physics departments of several top universities.  A prize is awarded, by each university, to the student who makes the most effective use of software in their final year physics projects.

At Cambridge University, UK, Sean Warren of Queens College, won the prize for his project on characterising the microstructure and microtexture of grains in polycrystalline materials. Both aspects are intensively studied as they can have an important impact on material properties like strength, ductility and corrosion resistance.

Sean developed a software package to evaluate data from 3D electron backscatter diffraction that allows the exploration, visualisation and statistical analysis of the grains. Various algorithms are used to reconstruct contiguous grains and calculate their surface area and characteristic shapes.

Physics prizes

From left to right:  Professor David Ward – Head of Teaching, Cavendish Labratory, Cambridge University, Sean Warren – Winner, and Lawrence Hopkins – Tessella Associate Director.



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