Tessella Netherlands lend a helping hand

Tessella sees Corporate and Social Responsibility as far more than a politically-correct-box to tick.

Whilst the company exists to make a profit and to expand our operations, by the nature of the innovative work we do, we are quietly confident of the positive contribution we make.

However, when we have the opportunity, both company and staff also like to get involved with worthy causes. In March 2008, it was the turn of the Tessella Netherlands team, who spent a morning helping the Den Haag Stichting Voedselbank prepare parcels of food and household supplies for local less-well-off individuals and families.

De Voedselbank works to reduce the hidden poverty in the Netherlands. It is a private organization completely run by volunteers and during the last five years has grown rapidly. It has 80 branches and hands out 12,000 packages per week.

The goods that we packed had been provided by factories and retailers, and included Brussels sprouts, leeks and 400 Kg of deep frozen chicken nuggets. They were 100% safe to eat, but could no longer be sold for one reason or the other (for some the packaging was damaged and for others the expiry date was looming). Without this scheme, the goods would have been thrown away or converted to cattle feed.

Our parcels were sent off to distribution centres around the country, for collection by those registered with Stichting Voedselbank.

All in all, quite a change from a normal working day, and the team went home confident that they had contributed something useful to the community.

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