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A very warm welcome to my first ever blog. Please come inside the Analytics Lab and make yourself comfortable. Don’t worry about knocking over test tubes or spilling chemicals on your nice clothes. This is very much a virtual lab, designed to bring data and ideas together and to look at how to use them to generate insight, knowledge and practical ways to do things better – all thanks to data and some well judged cleverness.

The plan is to use this blog to write about experiences with data analytics, relating observations, successes and frustrations. There will be a lot of opinion about the prevailing views, Big Data and the direction of the industry. I will try and do this without resorting to jargon, cliche and platitudes – but nobody’s perfect.

I will write most of the blog entries myself, but I will try and get guest contributions from some of my highly talented colleagues. This will not only add variety, but also broaden the range of views. No two people see analytics in the same way – we are all victims of our own pasts and see things accordingly.

It would be great to travel this road with some company, so I’d love for you to subscribe to this blog and to leave your comments on what I write. I promise to do my best to reply back and engage in some debate. After all, there has never been a more exciting time to be in data analytics. Thanks for reading and, once more, welcome.



Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke

Following a career in academic research, I have worked in the commercial IT industry for about 15 ...

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