Financial services

Companies across the full spectrum of financial services want to find new ways to unlock the value held within their data – enabling not only more tailored offerings to individual customers, but doing so in ways that minimize and lower risks and costs. With a background in retail, science and hi-tech industries, our analytics services provide fast, flexible and reliable access to experienced data experts. Get easy access to the deep analytics skills needed to make the most of your data, across broad areas including risk modelling, portfolio management, recommender systems and predictive customer interaction.

Opinion: Is Finance Learning Fast Enough From Other Sectors?

One place you could judge the answer to this might be the MATLAB EXPO, a gathering to discuss the use of MATLAB software across a wide range of industries. At a recent EXPO, I listened to the head of strategic analytics for a leading global bank considering this issue. His view was that banks are too inward looking and don’t benefit enough from the advances gained in other industries.

UK Debt Management Office Enhances Key Financial Simulation

The UK Debt Management Office, an Executive Agency of Her Majesty’s Treasury, relies on a range of tools to analyse certain aspects of the country’s finances.  Tessella have been helping the DMO to maintain and enhance this important simulation software.

Tessella Analytics Partnership

The managed service that is revolutionising analytics-driven business value. On-demand access to the right people with the right skills at the right time is the crucial difference between success and failure, whatever the analytics technology platform.  A Tessella Analytics Partnership is the proven way to deliver such agility at speed.

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