WEBINAR on Demand: Transferring Analytics into Oil & Gas

Download Tessella’s Nick Clarke, Head of Analytics, webinar on ‘Transferring Analytics into Oil & Gas: Powerful stories of the unexpected crossover of data analytics techniques between industry sectors’ hosted by SPE.

Despite the world being ever more connected data-wise, it remains relatively poor at sharing knowledge on how to solve complex problems. But look hard enough and you find that you can link unsolved problems in one domain to solved problems in another. New Technology is making innovative technology transfer a reality. In this webinar, we will present some powerful stories of how techniques and experience from one sector have crossed industry boundaries. The potential to exploit more data-driven approaches is high, but since examples of making analytics really deliver are in short supply, actual experience from any sector has real value. At the heart of any successful analytics initiative is a clarity of focus, from the outset, upon delivering specific insight that the business needs and can act upon. Diving straight into the data sets most conveniently and satisfies the temptation for action, but often under delivers in the longer term. The webinar will show how a guiding principle of “Decisions First and Data Last” for analytics planning maximizes the successful realization of practical analytics solutions, targeted precisely at real business need.

Download here: SPE Webinars

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