Combining Biological Knowledge with Experimental Data

Target discovery is now the single most critical decision in drug discovery. Find a novel, valid target for an indication with significant unmet medical need, and the rest of the pharma R&D process can be relatively straightforward. Gene expression experiments may improve our understanding of disease and of the impacts of probe compounds, but the […]

Modelling and Simulation Services

Our expertise in creating and implementing models in contexts ranging from clinical trials to satellite control systems means that we can solve your most complex technical and business problems in a highly cost-effective way. Models are used to solve a huge variety of problems, from traffic management to crop growth predictions. Modelling and simulation of […]

Using SharePoint to manage and disseminate fusion project information: An ITER case study

The ITER Organization, in common with many other fusion laboratories, has an authenticated-access website devoted to the communication of information to all its staff and remote collaborators. In 2007 and 2008, the number of registered users of this site increased by more than a factor of ten, to over 3000 at present, and with approximately 900 unique users […]

Long term preservation of scientific data: Lessons from JET and other domains

All fusion devices generate large amounts of data, which must remain accessible throughout and beyond the life time of the device.This need for long-term data preservation creates major software and hardware challenges. Issues surrounding long-term data preservation will be discussed, and the main challenges in data curation will be outlined. The paper will then review […]

Five rules to deliver value from data analytics – an executive’s guide

Data and data analytics have generated a lot of hype. Hype brings the danger that people jump on the bandwagon without proper planning. The result is failed projects, wasted money and missed opportunities. In September 2015, Gartner stated that big data deployments had only increased by 1% since 2014. This is a somewhat underwhelming result […]

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