WEBINAR on Demand: Transferring Analytics into Oil & Gas

Download Tessella’s Nick Clarke, Head of Analytics, webinar on ‘Transferring Analytics into Oil & Gas: Powerful stories of the unexpected crossover of data analytics techniques between industry sectors’ hosted by SPE. Despite the world being ever more connected data-wise, it remains relatively poor at sharing knowledge on how to solve complex problems. But look hard enough […]

A Comparison of the CRM vs 3+3 in an Oncology phase 1 setting

The principal aim of an Oncology phase 1 trial is the identification of the Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD). The majority of oncology phase 1 trials are run using a design called “3+3”[1]. Under this design, subjects are treated in cohorts of 3, and based on the number of dose limiting toxicities seen in that cohort, […]

The Role of Predictive Analytics in Asset Optimization for the Oil and Gas Industry

This White Paper describes the business challenges facing the oil and gas industry relative to asset optimization. It also describes the current state of predictive analytics for asset management and provides an example of its use in the rail industry. Finally, it reviews the potential application of predictive analytics in the oil and gas industry […]

Overcoming psychological barriers to good discovery decisions

Better individual and team decision-making should enhance R&D performance. Reproducible biases affecting human decision making, known as cognitive biases, are well understood by psychologists. These threaten objectivity and balance and so are credible causes for continuing unpleasant surprises in Development, and high operating costs. For four of the most common and insidious cognitive biases, we […]

Surfing the Rich Data Deluge

It’s hardly a secret that today’s pharmaceutical and biotech companies are drowning under a deluge of digital images and other types of rich data. From NextGen DNA sequencing to high content screening (HCS) to in vivo whole animal imaging, these complex and rapidly evolving technologies are opening important avenues of scientific exploration across drug discovery […]

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