Top 10 attributes of a true data leader

Data fuels innovation and business value in most businesses today, but what makes a data leader succeed? Information Age profiles the top 10 attributes

  1. Transcending traditional organisational barriers

    Data is no longer confined to technical departments. Successful projects must be partnerships between lots of different groups with different goals, mindsets, levels of understanding and ways of working.Data leaders must have a strong understanding of the business, their industry, their data and what their data represents. They must be able to direct teams which encompass data scientists and analysts who can understand the data, business people who can frame the problems that need solving, IT people who can put it all to work, and domain experts to ensure that the insight is clearly presented, while making sure that everything links back to the business’s objectives.‘The best data leaders will be able to act as translators to bridge the gap between these different parties – speaking the language of the business and the data scientists,’ says Matt Jones, lead analytics strategist at Tessella.  Read the article in full here



Original source: Information Age

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