Data Projects: More Than Just Marketing

Organisations are collecting more and more data, and locked within lies untold business value. So say the endless stream of data gurus that have appeared in the last few years just as data has hit the headlines. Most data stories focus on a handful of big companies: Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. Sometimes the focus is […]

Start harnessing data projects successfully for business value in 2017

Data projects have huge business value potential, which we will continue to see in the short, mid and longer term, but how can they be used to derive this value properly? Indeed, this will remain an important piece of the puzzle that most businesses will need to conquer. And it is having the right people […]

Data analytics and the materials cycle

Data has the potential to revolutionise the materials industry, from extraction to processing to commercialisation.  But it can only do so with the right mix of technology, skills and strategy. Dr Matt Jones explains in Materials World Magazine.      

Why couldn’t tech predict the US election results?

Big data isn’t nearly big enough They got it wrong – again. Despite most opinion polls and forecasts stating that Hilary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the US presidential election, the reverse happened. Of course, you could argue that the pollsters were dead-on correct: polls called a tight race with Clinton shading it, and […]

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