New Scientist: Motion sensors could track troops when GPS cuts out

KNOWING where troops are during combat operations can be a matter of life and death – but GPS technology used to track troops is fragile, the signal easily lost. Now a UK company is developing a lightweight, wearable tracker that can provide location cover when GPS is down. The system uses novel software to decipher position data […]

Bio-IT World: A life sciences strategy

John Russell January 20, 2010 | The Russell Transcript | Long known for its scientific software delivery expertise and technical staffing capability, Tessella now dedicates 100 consultants (30% of its business) to life sciences. The challenge is to shift industry’s perception of Tessella from one of mostly technical problem-solving to one that encompasses broader strategy […]

Scientific Computing World: Asking the big questions

Stephen Mounsey finds out about the computing power behind some of the world’s most ambitious scientific projects Finding sufficient and sustainable sources of energy is one of the most pressing issues facing modern society. The global need to reduce greenhouse emissions is going to become more urgent, fossil fuel resources are going to become scarcer, […]

eCliniqua: Wyeth’s best practices winner boosts adaptive clinical trials

By Deb Borfitz June 1, 2009 | Wyeth Research brought home this year’s Bio-IT World Best Practices Award in the Clinical Trial Design category for developing trial simulation software to streamline the process of designing and running adaptive clinical trials (ACTs). Wyeth representatives were among the honorees at the Best Practices dinner in Boston on […]

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