Drug discovery and development: Overcoming bias

Matthew Segall, Optibrium Ltd., Cambridge, U.K. and Andrew Chadwick, Tessella plc, Burton upon Trent, U.K. When human bias distort drug discovery decision-making, software tools can guide thinking towards objective answers… read more

Physics World: Planck’s results makes Tessella proud

The first scientific results from ESA’s mission were released at a press briefing on Tuesday 11 January in Paris ( and the latest results of the telescope images presented at the 217th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle. Physics World have recently published an article detailing the success of this project, which can […]

Finding petroleum: Using inertial navigation to track people

How well can inertial navigation – measuring acceleration and orientation – be used to track people in areas where they can’t get a GPS signal? We spoke to Tessella’s Dave Dungate We’re all familiar with the way accelerometers and gyros inside Wiis and iPhones can be used to track our bodies. Could the same technology […]

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