The democratisation of artificial intelligence

By Matt Jones Many of the most powerful AI tools are freely available to everyone Artificial Intelligence will disrupt every industry; that seems to be pretty much accepted now. But rather than asking how, many seem to be waiting for some innovative company to invent the AI product that will solve their problem. That is […]

Top 10 attributes of a true data leader

Data fuels innovation and business value in most businesses today, but what makes a data leader succeed? Information Age profiles the top 10 attributes Transcending traditional organisational barriers Data is no longer confined to technical departments. Successful projects must be partnerships between lots of different groups with different goals, mindsets, levels of understanding and ways […]

Detecting corrosion through data

Matt Jones and Jim Sokolowski, of Tessella, show how data analytics can give insight into corrosion rates to reduce risk and maintenance costs. Corrosion is a fact of life in offshore environments, and offshore production costs are significantly impacted by it. It is often a known unknown, and this makes business and investment decisions that […]

Making oil, gas data analytics projects deliver

By Matt Jones & Ray Hall, Tessella In the 2016 Accenture and Microsoft oil and gas digital trends survey two-thirds of oil and gas professionals said analytics is one of the most important capabilities for transforming their company, though only 13% said their organization has fully mature analytics capabilities. Meanwhile, International Data Corp.’s recent predictions […]

Guiding principles for data driven organizations

Big data has received no shortage of hype in the past few years, but successful implementations are relatively thin on the ground. This post will aim to provide you with a few tips to help you get started, and ensure you set off in the right direction, courtesy of a couple of guides on how […]

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