How Is Machine Learning Accelerating Drug Development?

The discovery of a new drug is always surrounded with excitement from the academic community and the general public alike, especially when it provides a solution or cure for a condition. Whether it’s a step in the right direction to curing cancer or a treatment for mental illness, drug discovery and development is crucial for […]

‘Emotional IQ’: The next buzzword in business

Artificial Intelligence is speeding up logical and analytical tasks, shifting through datasets, identifying new patterns and helping to inform decision making. However, great business decisions are made with a significantly broader context than a single data point. Matt Jones, Lead Analytics Strategist at Tessella, explains in detail. As organisations work within the confines of a […]

What is business innovation?

Matt Jones,  Lead Analytics Strategist at Tessella comments in Raconteur on the common pitfalls to look out for during digital transformation projects: Don’t fixate on distant goals “A solid strategy must avoid all-encompassing initiatives without careful understanding and planning. Instead, taking on board ‘quick wins’ will help to bring a clear impact on operations and […]

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