How businesses can avoid dangerous AI

Artificial intelligence offers numerous benefits, but there are also pitfalls Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that will dominate the business, consumer and public sector landscape over the next few years. Technologists predict that, in the not-too-distant future, we will be surrounded by internet-connected objects capable of tending to our every need. While […]

How to do AI if you are not Google

Much written about AI seems to assume everyone wants to emulate Google, Facebook, or other companies built around data. But many organisations look nothing like these tech giants. Companies in manufacturing, energy, and engineering – long standing, multi-billion-pound industries – derive revenues from physical products and infrastructure, not from targeting adverts at groups or individuals. […]

How Will AI Disrupt Pre-Digital Businesses?

Careful understanding and planning are needed for businesses implementing AI We all know that Google, Facebook and Amazon, are investing heavily in AI, with results widely reported. It’s no surprise that businesses built around collecting and analysing data are leading the way in AI. But what about more traditional businesses? Businesses built in the pre-digital […]

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