Artificial Intelligence could be about to start a processing chip arms race

Recent converts to AI and machine learning’s amazing potential may be disappointed to discover that many of its more interesting aspects have been around for a couple of decades. AI works by learning to distinguish between different types of information. An example is the use of a neural network for medical diagnosis. Inspired by the […]

Artificial intelligence will evolve the workforce, not replace it

The human role will be vital to the strength of AI While Artificial Intelligence offers great opportunity for businesses, a prominent concern coming out of the AI revolution surrounds the workforce. There are worries that further developments and implementation of AI will leave many employees without jobs as their roles become increasingly automated. This was […]

AI can provide huge benefits to energy companies – so why aren’t they using it?

Barriers to adoption include resistance to change, and skepticism about whether new technologies will deliver. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already proving its value to oil and gas companies, and yet widespread adoption of AI technologies within the industry still faces lots of hurdles “The barriers for oil companies to adopting new AI technologies are many, […]

Do you want AI to solve a marketing, business or operational challenge?

By Matt Jones Most articles about artificial intelligence start with big claims. ‘AI will change the world’; ‘Here are some exciting examples of AI’. These are all legitimate starting points, but fewer words are spent understanding what contemporary AI really is, and who can benefit from it. An uninformed observer could be forgiven for thinking […]

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