Case Studies

Automated salts and polymorph screening

Salt and polymorph screening is an important step in the drug development process and consists of an investigation of various physical properties of the drug substance. The aim is to identify and evaluate salts of the drug substance and then to identify the different crystalline structures (polymorphs) that the drug can adopt. This information is […]

Mitigating fire and gas risk

Fire and gas detection systems are an important safety control at oil and gas processing facilities protecting people and assets, as they provide an early warning of a hazardous situation. Detecting such events can initiate responses to minimise the consequences of the situation, such as alarms to alert personnel and emergency equipment shutdown. Background Formal […]

Hazard software in safe hands

Shell Global Solutions (UK) HSE Consultancy has gained world-wide recognition as an expert in the management of loss prevention and accident hazards on large chemical and industrial sites. Business problem The HSE consultancy use software models, validated by experiment, which now form the basis of a number of commercial hazard analysis products. These applications include: […]

Milestone Tracker – medicinal chemistry knowledge system

In a large pharmaceutical company, a high throughput screening process will typically generate a number of ‘hits’; compounds that show activity against a target of interest. It is the role of Medicinal Chemistry to take these ‘hits’ and optimize their medicinal properties to produce candidate drugs for development. Milestone Tracker Milestone Tracker (MST) is a […]

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