We help our clients find innovative answers to their most pressing business needs: reducing time to market, adopting advanced manufacturing techniques and supporting critical aftermarket services, all in the context of a rapidly changing industry landscape

Delivering value through world class analytics

Harnessing new advanced sensor technologies or machine learning to drive digital transformation demands a clear understanding of the ‘art of the possible’ as well as a strong business vision. Our mission is to identify the business opportunities that technology and data offers and to develop a positive plan for your organization to harness them.

The pressure on manufacturing production continues to build, fuelled by diverse powertrain technologies, autonomous driving, stricter environmental regulations and a booming demand for connectivity. The transition to Industry 4.0 appears to be the most effective solution to boost factory productivity. The advent of digitally connected machines allows artificial intelligence and analytics to handle complexity, reduce error rates and down time. 

The enormous quantities of data available from both the vehicle and the customer represent a huge business opportunity for the sales and services teams. Our work helps clients improve the quality of aftersales services, reduce warranty maintenance cost and decrease documentation costs. 

Tessella is the Altran World Class Center for Analytics

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