Nick Clarke

Following a career in academic research, I have worked in the commercial IT industry for about 15 years, first as a software engineer then moving through project and operations management roles. I am now Head of Analytics, which means I bring Tessella’s extensive analytics and Big Data skills and experience together into coherent, targeted service offerings relevant to our target markets. My varied background, which spans software architecture, scientific data analysis, molecular modelling and engineering predictive analytics seems, to me at least, to be the perfect mix needed for such a broad based position. I’m passionate about the thinking that sits behind effective analytics, how we get better at it, and better at the level of human interaction and communication needed to solve complex problems from data. Technology can be pretty boring. People and ideas are far more interesting.

The relentless rise of the Big Data tribute act

You’d think anyone using social media, reading the technology press, or even watching the News at Ten would be fed up of Big Data by now. Nevertheless, new entrants in the buzzword Top 10 are climbing over each other in a desperate race to launch their own ‘X Data’ tribute acts. I along with others […]

Why General Relativity is relevant, 100 years on, to today’s data scientists

“A bold claim, Sir!” I hear you cry. How can you relate General Relativity (GR)†, the mathematically complex realisation of an abstract picture of the universe to modern everyday data science? Is he really saying that forecasting customer churn or the predictive maintenance of a turbine can be connected to removing the need for a […]

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