Jeremy Evans

Growing up with a keen interest in the physical sciences and in mathematics, I saw software in particular and technology in general as a somehow secondary pursuit, less important and less interesting than understanding the world around us. However during my undergraduate and doctoral chemistry research, I became convinced of the power in software to help researchers better understand our world and develop technology to improve and save lives. Combining both a strong physical science background with computational skills at Tessella, I’m driven by the opportunity to impact an amazing variety of research and development efforts by providing the tools used by scientists on the front line. I’m always excited to delve deeply into a complex calculation or data analysis problem, but I am also amazed how much benefit is delivered in simply reducing a scientist’s workflow and data management burden, thus freeing time to apply their valuable skills to new and unique problems.

3 things you need to be aware of when deploying ELNs outside the pharma sector

On face value, deploying an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) system within your R&D environment would seem to be something of a no-brainer. You can make sure all processes and ideas are properly documented and signed. You can also share results with colleagues across the globe in real time and, best of all, search your organization’s entire […]

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