Andrew Chadwick

Andrew Chadwick

Andrew Chadwick is principal consultant in life sciences and healthcare at Tessella. He has consulted to six of the top seven pharma companies and has had experience as director for IT development and support in five R&D organisations. Andrew originally trained in chemistry to DPhil level. This led to a role in commercial R&D management, including biosensors, process electrochemistry and new technology for data mining and pattern recognition. He cut his teeth in technology impact modelling in the energy sector in the early 80’s, forecasting climate change impacts and publishing economic assessments on renewable energy technologies. While managing R&D IS and then commercial IT groups at Boots Pharmaceuticals he took an Executive MBA in decision making applied to information investments in R&D. He has a strong continuing interest in models and interactive tools that help in optimizing the planning of research, so as to reduce uncertainty efficiently and optimizes the benefit/risk balance. His consulting experience includes business process review and improvement, IT/IS strategy, team decision-making approaches and programme planning. Typical clients have been global leaders in drug discovery, managers wanting to improve the translation from R to D, and heads of technology investment programmes in consumer and agrochemicals companies Andrew keeps relatively sane through classical music performance as a violinist and viola player, and lives in rural Nottinghamshire.

The tension around R&D applications – DIY or ROI?

In the modern R&D world, who’s responsible for the total cost of ownership and specification of the most effective R&D applications? On one side of the argument, you have R&D departments that have developed their own applications rather than trying to fit something off the shelf. These guys are used to a degree of control, […]

Valuing Valuation in Pharma R&D

By Andrew Chadwick and Tom Parke Trust in early pharmaceutical pipeline product valuation has all but evaporated. And yet views of value are increasingly important to the improvement in effectiveness of R&D that is so sorely needed in the pharmaceuticals sector. Where does this paradox come from and what can be done about it? Why […]

Successful change management in R&D

Successful change in R&D starts and ends with people and their goals. Change impacts people Many of our clients, addressing technical or informatics problems, realise that the root causes of difficulties lie with people, process, organisation or culture. Whenever a substantial change is being made to systems or processes, ignoring the people issues is a recipe for failure. Any […]

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