Alan Bell

Dr Alan Bell is Sector Director for Life Sciences and Healthcare at Tessella. For the last 12 years, he has provided the business leadership to a global team, working with Tessella’s largest pharmaceutical clients. He was a leading member of the team that founded Tessella’s consulting practice, which provides expertise in IT/IS strategy and programme planning; and more specialised work on R&D planning and risk management that optimises the use of existing information. Alan’s original training was in theoretical physics and he spent his early career as a practicing software developer and consultant, working in areas as diverse as leukemia epidemiology, bioinformatics and the use of predictive ecological models in agrochemical regulatory submissions.

Buying the analytics platform was the easy bit – now how do I use it?

If we were to believe the hype, peddled both within the media and by technology vendors, turning big data into enormous business benefit is simply a matter of writing a cheque and buying the latest, greatest analytics platform. I spend a lot of my time talking with senior people in industry, particularly with R&D leaders. […]

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