Tessella Analytics Partnership

The managed service that is revolutionising analytics-driven business value.

A Tessella Analytics Partnership delivers on-demand access to the right people with the right skills at the right time –  the crucial difference between success and failure, whatever the analytics technology platform.

We embed a dedicated analytics partner on your site to work alongside your in-house teams and other 3rd party suppliers. 

The partner leads a virtual analytics team. The team size is dynamically scaled, flexing to meet the changes in your analytics demand.

Our global pool of experienced analytics experts is the dynamic resource behind the virtual teams. 

“The ability to work together quickly and flexibly is critical. The best processes are highly iterative, requiring business, IT, and analytics teams to rapidly review real-world results, recalibrate analyses, adjust assumptions, and test outcomes.” – McKinsey

Tessella Analytics Partnership benefits

Align analytics expertise and effort to business need

Rapid start-up of new analytics tasks

Access to real world experience and rare specialist skills

Bring the best ideas from other domains to drive innovation

Achieve analytics momentum on parallel fronts

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