Tessella and Berry Consultants Team to Deliver Smarter Clinical Trials »

Faced with the challenge of falling success rates in drug development, clinical development teams must find new ways forward. Tessella and Berry Consultants believe that designing smarter clinical trials is part of the solution. We believe that better trial design can help: Maximize the impact of your clinical trials on your drug development process. Ensure […]

Abbott’s Yili Pritchett Shares Adaptive Trial Results at SMi’s Adaptive Designs in Clinical Drug Development Conference »

Yili Pritchett of Abbott was able to show real data from a trial we ran for them between 2007-2009. Read more.

Researchers Mobilizing Global Resources to Test New Treatments for Severe H1N1 Infection »

Quick ‘bench-to-bedside’ clinical trial would enroll 1,400 influenza patients to test corticosteroids and statins as potential treatments TORONTO, Ont., November 10, 2009 — An important, ground-breaking initiative is unfolding in the global critical care community in response to the H1N1 pandemic… Read more 

Tessella and Berry Consultants Partner to Produce a Tool that Allows Trial Designer to Evaluate, Compare and Optimize Adaptive Designs »

Companies announce availability of fixed and adaptive clinical trial simulator – Tessella Berry FACTS™ College Station, Texas| Oxford, UK – April 29, 2009. Today, Tessella, the information technology and consulting services company selected by R&D, science and engineering leaders for business-critical assignments, partners with Berry Consultants, leaders in the Bayesian approach to medical statistics. Under […]