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Open Source Blue Print for Digital Preservation Delivered

EU project, ENSURE receives prototype code for integrated lifecycle management with digital preservation from Tessella

Oxford, UK | 13 June 2012. Tessella, the international provider of science powered technology and consulting services is proud to announce that it has delivered the prototype code for integrated lifecycle management with digital preservation to the EU Enabling knowledge Sustainability Usability and Recovery for Economic value (ENSURE) project.

Lead by IBM Research – Haifa, the ENSURE project aims to significantly extend the state of the art in digital preservation by drawing on real world use cases from the world of healthcare, clinical trials, and financial services. Tessella is a leading member of the work package to research and demonstrate the integration of existing approaches to lifecycle management with digital preservation. The project involves research, architecture, design and implementation of a component supporting Preservation Digital Asset Lifecycle Management (PDALM). The PDALM prototype, which manages digital assets across the ENSURE framework, has now been delivered as open source and will be made generally available in the near future.

“Addressing the long term usability for the spiralling amounts of data produced or controlled by organizations with commercial interests is hugely challenging. I am excited to be part of the ENSURE project that aims to address this and am look forward to seeing the PDALM prototype deployed across the project.” said Maïté Braud, Project Manager, Archiving Solutions, Tessella.

Sponsored by the European Union’s Framework Programme 7 initiative and with a total of 13 European industrial and academic partners, ENSURE started in February 2011, and will run for three years. While the majority of previous work in preservation has aimed at preserving relatively homogenous cultural heritage data, ENSURE has taken a new approach, innovating in the following four areas:

  • Cost and Value – Evaluate the cost and benefit of different quality solutions.
  • Preservation Lifecycle Management – Build on industry standard lifecycle management approaches to manage the preservation lifecycle, ensuring regulatory compliance, allowing changes in the preservation approach to reflect environmental changes, addressing evolution of ontologies and managing the quality of the digital objects over their lifetime.
  • Content-Aware Long Term Data Protection – Ensure long-term, content-aware data protection, addressing changes in personally identifiable information, new and evolving regulations, managing user identities over decades.
  • Leveraging Wider ITC – Evaluate the costs/risks/benefits and demonstrate how to use emerging, commonly available information technology, to enable scalable solutions for digital preservation, considering in particular cloud storage and virtual application image capture.


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