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EBR: Smart Designs

Tom Parke at Tessella plc highlights the advantage of designing trials that use techniques such as modelling and adaptation

Successfully developing new drug therapies continues to get more difficult, partly because the industry is a victim of its own success. The ‘easier’ therapeutic needs having been, to varying degrees, met, the industry has to target the more difficult diseases or improve on the treatments it has already created. It is a victim of its failures too, which have led to regulators demanding increased burdens of proof that new treatments are safe and efficacious.

Drug discovery and pre-clinical departments are tackling this difficulty on a number of fronts: the development of drugs for use specifically in combination with other compounds, the targeting of drugs to particular patient sub-populations or disease sub-types, and the development of disease models. There is considerable excitement and activity around the related topics of personalised medicine, translational medicine and biomarkers.

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