A Maturity Model for Clinical Trial Design »

Harnessing the Power of Modeling and Simulation, By Tom Parke, Head of Clinical Solutions Since 2000 there has been growing concern in the pharmaceutical industry over the escalating cost of drug development and lack of a corresponding increase in productivity. One area where attempts are being made to address this problem is in the way that clinical trials are designed and […]

R&D Productivity: Analytics of a New Drug »

Try Googling “pharmaceutical crisis” and you’ll find a mass of dire statistics that lays bare the scale of the challenge facing Big Pharma. Recent years have seen key players undergo cycles of restructuring and though they can still make good money for now, can things go on as they are?  By Nick Clarke, Head of […]

Congratulations Gaia! »

By David Whittle, Government, Space and Defence Director, Tessella As part of the team that helped to develop the Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS), Tessella is pleased to congratulate ESA on a successful launch and start of mission for the Gaia spacecraft. Gaia is an impressive mission that will make a three-dimensional map of […]

Orienting R&D decisions towards management of value and risk »

By Andrew Chadwick and Tom Parke The article “Does size matter in R&D productivity? If not, what does?” in Nature Reviews of Drug Discovery (December 2013, Vol 12 pp901-2), by Michael Ringel and others from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), analyses some possible factors leading to success or failure in drug development over the period 2004 […]

CHURROS Short-Listed in European Rail Congress Awards »

Today, Tessella – an international provider of science powered analytics, consulting and technology services – announced it has been short listed in the Excellence in Technology at European Rail Congress 2013 http://www.europeanrailcongress.com/ proving Tessella’s track record for introducing innovative solutions into the Transport Industry. Built in close collaboration with long term valued client Southern, the system […]