Tessella Appoints Industry Expert to Drive Growth in Oil and Gas »

Ex CIO for Shell Global Solutions to provide guidance in developing company’s oil and gas sector Oxford, UK | 29 June 2010. Tessella, the information technology and consulting services company selected by R&D, science and engineering leaders for business-critical assignments is pleased to announce the appointment of Stan Bradbury as a consultant assisting the Tessella […]

ITS and Tessella Partnership Wins Sellafield Contract »

Sellafield Ltd awards framework agreement for replacement and upgrades of existing control and IT systems to ITS and Tessella Middlesbrough and Oxford, UK | June 29 2010. Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS), the real-time IT, database and process control systems integrator with extensive experience in the nuclear sector and Tessella, the information technology and consulting […]

The Finnish National Archives Selects Tessella’s Safety Deposit Box (SDB) and Tieto to Archive Finland’s Digital Heritage »

Oxford, UK | 10 June 2010. Tessella, the information technology and consulting services company and world leaders in digital preservation technology is pleased to announce that the Finnish National Archives has selected Tieto and Tessella’s Safety Deposit Box (SDB) to deliver their national digital archive. Päivi Happonen, Development Director of The Finnish Archives, said; “The […]

Intelligent Robotic Solutions from Cambridge Reactor Design Link with Automated Reporting from Tessella to make the Ideal Organic Chemistry Technician »

Robot Assistant, from Cambridge Reactor Design, is a mechanical organic chemistry technician capable of performing a range of repetitive processing operations. The unit works 24×7, has a load carrying capacity of 3kg, moves repeatedly and reliably to within 0.1mm, recognises motion, takes video images – and does not talk back at or argue with management […]