JANET and Tessella Boost Network Monitoring with Netsight »

Centralised network management system provides greater visibility into network performance and availability. JANET(UK), the organisation that runs the UK’s education and research network, and Tessella, a leading technology consultancy, have developed a powerful new centralised monitoring system for the UK wide network that provides JANET(UK) and its regional network operators with higher levels of visibility […]

Report Reveals Policy Key to Long-term Access to Digital Data »

Leeds, UK | Oxford, UK | 11 May 2010. A digital preservation policy is the vital first step organisations must take if they are to be able to access rapidly growing volumes of digital data in the future. This is the conclusion of a report, Digital Divide: Assessing Organisations’ Preparations for Digital Preservation, released this […]

New Tessella Microsite Answers Key Questions on Digital Archiving »

Advances in computer technology offer many new opportunities but also new challenges. One of the most important challenges is tackling the problem of digital obsolescence: ensuring that the digital information we create and store today will continue to be accessible for as long as we may need it. A complete archiving solution must retain knowledge […]