Workflow: Automating Business Processes »

As businesses evolve, the way that business is conducted changes. Processes that have been fundamental to how organizations operate can suddenly become error-prone, inefficient, or expensive. Our clients have found a need to constantly assess and refine the processes that define their work. This is not always a problem that can be solved by software […]

Portfolio Management Software Tools Aid the Developments of Therapeutic Solutions »

UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company. Their mission is to provide novel therapeutic solutions for patients with severe diseases treated by specialists, particularly in the fields of central nervous system disorders, inflammatory disorders and oncology. Business Problem UCB manage a complex portfolio of projects in research and development. To maximize the value of the development […]

ExoMars: A World of Trade-Offs and Sensitivities »

ExoMars, a European mission to land a scientific rover on Mars to look for signs of life, is currently in development and planned for launch in 2013. To support this work, analysis and trade-offs of the available launch, transfer and EDLS options are being performed by Deimos Space S.L. (based in Madrid). Analyticon (now a […]